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Sean Cooper is a millennial who loves the idea of owning real estate, but didn’t want the burden of six-figure mortgage debt. He is the author of “Burn your Mortgage” and on this episode he shares calculated tips for becoming mortgage or debt-free.


Jennifer Brouwer has super powers – she can see the profitable potential of a rundown, hopeless property. Jennifer specializes in turning shabby properties into chic, turn-key luxury rentals or flips. We looked at “before and after” photos of her recent reno project and were blown away by the return on investment.


Dalia Barsoum was on the fence about buying a rental property. She was afraid of making costly mistakes. Finally, she purchased a property in what turned out to be one of Canada’s top investment towns. In this episode we discuss Dalia’s turning point and the cost of lost opportunity.


Julie Broad is the author of “More than Cash Flow” and mentor to some of Canada’s most accomplished real estate investors, including Monika, Rachel and Gillian. Julie was in her early 30’s and realized she didn’t want to be stuck in a corporate J-O-B year after year. On a hope and a prayer, she started buying rental properties in Ontario and BC using other people’s money.


Tahani Aburaneh was born in a Middle East refugee camp. Just after her 15th birthday, she was given away in marriage which fell apart after she moved to Canada. A single mom, Tahani paid off her house in just 4 years. Through strategic real estate investing, she became a self-made millionaire and authored the book “Real Estate Riches”.