Ready to Learn Specialty Strategies?

Want to learn how others create wealth … using specific and dependable real estate strategies? Are you confident in your abilities … but think you’d benefit from a mentor who’s been there … plus deeper training in the basics — with coaching and support all along the way?

All Set to Earn Passive Income For Your Big “Why”?

We moms at Mothers of Real Estate (MORE) are passionate about WHY we invest in real estate. Your WHY is the first thing we talk about when we meet and teach you how to build wealth with real estate.

For us, it’s all about MORE time for our families … MORE income with less work for right now … and MORE security for our families’ futures.

Need Help Learning to Read Local Real Estate Conditions?

Savvy real estate investing is about finding the right property for the right price … understanding the details … reading the signs.
At MORE, we teach specialized winning real estate strategies. You can learn to specialize too.

Want Inside Tips on How to Build Your Real Estate Team?

So maybe you’re ready to learn the important strategies but still wonder about the important tactics.

Every confident real estate investor needs to understand the details of property maintenance … dealing with tenants … funding for deals … finding partners and sourcing the best mortgage rates … plus the legal niceties of real estate.
It’s a lot but you can do it! These are all issues MORE Members learn inside and out.

Said Yes MORE Than Twice? Welcome!! You just Envisioned Ruby Membership!
Join our community and get the ultimate insider package for $149 per month. Get all the training and coaching you need. Just look at all these benefits Ruby Members receive!


Serious about becoming a real estate investor to earn passive income for your family’s future? The Confused to Confident Course is the best place to start.

Delivered by Julie Broad, Canada’s leading authority on real estate investing, this 7-week training takes you step-by-step through the basics … and provides the foundation you need to become a confident investor and do your first deal!

Confused to Confident is comprehensive training. But you work through it when it’s convenient for you, on-demand. Perfect for busy people!

A $1,297 value, this course is just part of Sapphire Membership! Better still, you can include a friend in the training for only $697.

Ruby Members learn fast … and develop lists of questions faster! Each month you get to raise your burning issues. You’ll receive personalized counsel and guidance from mentors and other members.

Mastermind Coaching puts you on the quickest path to success with real estate investing whether you’re doing deals with your own money, or with partners, or with other people’s money.

Getting started in real estate investing can be really hard and even a little scary. We know.

Get unstuck! Ruby Members get three 40-minute telephone coaching sessions with the mentor of your choice, Rachel Oliver or Gillian Irving or Monika Jazyk — or even all three of us! That’s 120 minutes of individual coaching. What questions would you ask?

Start building your support network … and building confidence! Meet us and many of our connections in person. Learn first-hand knowledge from industry-leading experts, trusted by other experienced investors. Get timely market updates to help you do your first deals … and your many next deals.

Imagine having 3 personal success coaches in your inbox! Members receive frequent emails with helpful tips and support from Gillian, Monika and Rachel.

Constant support and valuable, actionable tips help you get started. You can become a confident real estate investor.

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